J[A-Z]Z / p1ck ( At Last! | Miles Davis & The Lighthouse All-Stars, 1953

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Photo  Cecil Charles Spiller / Design Jamie Putnam

Miles Davis &  the Lighthouse All-Stars, Infinity Promenade, 1953

Recorded in performance at the Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA; Sunday, September 13, 1953

Tenor Saxophone – Bob Cooper
Trumpet – Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Rolf Ericson
Alto Saxophone – Bud Shank
Baritone Saxophone – Bud Shank
Bass – Howard Rumsey
Drums – Max Roach
Piano – Lorraine Geller, Russ Freeman

Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Rolf Ericson, 1952 bRay Avery

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