Covenant | A poem by Tennessee Williams, 1957

Covenant | A poem by Tennessee Williams, 1957
Edvard Munch, Bountiful apple tree, 1920-28

If you are happy, i will give you an apple,
if you are anxious, i will twist your arm,
and if you permit me, i will be glad to hold you
close to my heart forever and do you no harm.

If i am happy, will you give me an apple?
If i am anxious, you may twist my arm.
And if you would like to, i would like you to hold me
close to your heart forever and do me no harm.

This is a bargain, only two can make it.
This is a covenant offered with desperate calm,
it being uncertain that lovers can drive out demons
with the gift of an apple or the twist of an arm.

Tennessee Williams, Covenant, Havana, 1957


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  1. Όταν ο Γουλιέλμος Τέλος έριξε το βέλος του στο κέντρο του μήλου, χάθηκε η μοναδική ευκαιρία για την Ελβετία να γεννήσει μια εθνική τραγωδία.

    Ernesto Sabato


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