The Hand Dance | Tilly Losch (1930-1933)

The Hand Dance | Tilly Losch (1930-1933)

Tilly Losch (1903-1975) was an Austrian-born dancer, choreographer, actress and painter.
Born in Vienna as Ottilie Ethel Leopoldine Losch, Tilly Losch studied ballet from childhood
at the Vienna Opera, making her student debut in 1913 in Louis Frappart’s 1885 Wiener Walze.



“ My role of ballerina comes first. Second is my work as a choreographer. My acting comes third, my painting fourth, I rate
my role as Lady Carnarvon fifth in importance simply because I can’t think of anything interesting to put after painting.”
Tilly Losch
Her best known conception was “The Hand Dance” 
(a collaboration with her Viennese colleague, Hedy Pfundmayr
which featured in a short dance film by Norman Bel Geddes

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    Gertrude Stein / Rooms / Tender Buttons
    Untitled /Tilly Losch / Joseph Cornell / shadow box / ca 1935-38

    Tilly Losch was a Viennese ballet dancer and actress married for a time to Edward James, an important collector
    of surrealist art. Soon after Cornell and Losch met, she acquired a box of his dating to the mid 1930s.


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