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Jorge Luis Borges – Octavio Paz
Jorge Luis Borges – J.G. Ballard
Jorge Luis Borges – Ernesto Sabato
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Jorge Luis Borges – Italo Calvino


2 thoughts on “Persons [ ] Meetings | Jorge Luis Borges and Friends

  1. Ese poema "de la amistad" NO es de Jorge Luis Borges.
    Circulan en la web muchos poemas que se le atribuyen, pero son apócrifos.
    Si uno lee la primera línea de ese poema, descubre que es cursi, trillado y de pésimo gusto.
    Nada más alejado a la poesía del escritor argentino.

  2. I cannot give you solutions to all life’s problems,
    Nor do I have answers to your doubts or fears
    But I can listen to you and share it with you
    I cannot change neither your past nor your future.
    But when you need me I’ll be by your side.
    I cannot prevent you from stumbling
    I can only offer you my hand to hold on to you so you won’t fall.
    Your joys, your victories, your successes are not mine.
    But I truly enjoy it when I see you happy.
    I do not judge the decisions you take in life.
    I constrain myself to support you, to stimulate and to help you if you ask me to.
    I cannot draw limits for you within which you must act,
    But I can offer you the space needed to grow.
    I cannot avert your sufferings when some pain is breaking your heart.
    But I can cry with you and pick up the pieces to armour it again.
    I cannot tell you who you are, nor who you should be.
    I can only love you as you are and be your friend.
    These days, I have been thinking about my friends, amongst whom you appeared.
    You were neither on top, nor at the bottom, nor in the middle.
    You were not heading nor concluding the list.
    You were not the first number, nor the last.
    And neither do I pretend to be the first, the second, or the third on your list.
    It’s enough if you want me as a friend.
    Thank you for being one.

    Portrait of a Friend by Richard Hamilton

    * thanks Juan ignacio

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