Sculptures & Drawings | Elie Nadelman, 1882-1946

Elie2BNadelmanElie2BNadelman 1
 Elie Nadelman, Two Women (One Seated), 1930 – 1935                     Elie Nadelman, Horse, 1911-1915 
Woman2Bat2Bthe2BPiano2C2B1917Elie2BNadelman 2
Elie Nadelman, Woman at the Piano, 1917                Elie Nadelman, Tango, 1920-1924
Elie2BNadelman2B1882 1946
Elie Nadelman 1882-1946
Elie Nadelman. Man in the Open Air, 1915         Elie Nadelman, Man With A Top Hat, 1926

Elie2BNadelman 3Elie2BNadelman2B1
Elie Nadelman, Drawings
Elie2BNadelman 4
Elie Nadelman, Profile
Elie Nadelman, Woman on Settee, 1918-1920 

Elie2BNadelman 5

Elie Nadelman, Couple

Elie2BNadelman 6Elie2BNadelman2B1 1
Elie Nadelman 1882-1946.

Elie Nadelman (1882-1946), the Polish-American sculptor and graphic artist, evolved a highly distinctive  sculptural style by abstracting human forms and stressing the curvilinear interplay of contours.

Elie2BNadelman 7
Alfred Stieglitz’s “291” gallery, Camera Work, No 48, 1916

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