Photographers [Oo] Subversion des images | Photos by Paul Nougé (1929-1930)

Paul2BNougeCC81Subversion des images | Photos by Paul Nougé (1929-1930)

Paul Nougé, Woman Frightened by a String, 1929   Paul Nougé, The birth of the object, 1929-1930
Paul2BNougC3A9Paul2BNougC3A92C2BThe2Bdepth2Bof2Bsleep2C2Bc.2B1929 1930

 Paul Nougé, Magnetic table, 1929-1930  /  Paul Nougé, The depth of sleep, 1929-1930

Paul2BNougC3A92B 2BThe2BJuggler2C2Bc.1929 1930Paul2BNougC3A92C2BThe2Bbirds2Bare2Bfollowing2Byou2C2Bc.2B1929 1930
Paul Nougé, The Juggler, 1929-1930 /  Paul Nougé, The birds are following you,1929-1930

“What is admirable about the fantastic is that there is no longer anything fantastic: there is only the real.”

André Breton, Manifesto of Surrealism, 1924

Paul2BNougC3A9 1Paul2BNougC3A9 2

Paul Nougé, Cut eyelash, 1929                  Paul Nougé, Les Voyantes, 1929-1930

Paul2BNougC3A9 3Paul2BNougC3A92C2BCoat2Bsuspended2Bin2Bspace2C2Bc.2B1929 1930
Paul Nougé, The Revealing Arm, 1929-1930  /  Paul Nougé, Coat suspended in space, 1929-1930
Paul Nougé (1895–1967), was a Belgian poet, founder and theoretician of surrealism in Belgium, sometimes known as the “Belgian Breton”. Between December 1929 and February 1930 Nougé created 19 photographs, unpublished until 1968, under the title “Subversion des images“.

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