Instant Views [o.] Foosball [ Table football ]

Foosball [ Table football ]

The origin of foosball started in 1922 by Harold Searles Thorton from the United Kingdom. He invented the game due to the popularity of football in Europe (known as soccer in the United States). The popularity of the sport was spreading so rapidly Harold decided to make a game that people could play in their homes. Since Europeans called the real sport football, Harold decided to call his new creation “Foosball”. The game was eventually brought to the United States in the 1950’s by Lawrence Patterson. The game eventually reached its peak popularity in the U.S. in the 1970’s.

^ A group of young Parisians playing foosball at a cafe in 1958

Nigel Henderson, Photograph of jazz musicians playing table football, including Ronnie Scott, Benny Green, Derek Humble, Tony Crombie and Pete King. c 1949 – 56
playing2Btable2Bfootballtable2Bfootball 1

Henry Grant, Children playing table football, 1973                    Gérald Bloncourt, Paris, 1958

table2Bfootball 2

Children playing table football, 1960s


Eizo Matsumura, Haruki Murakami, Italy, 1988                     France, 2015

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