Nudes | Paintings by Felix Vallotton, 1906-1915

“I think I paint for people who are level-headed but who have an unspoken vice deep inside them.”
Felix Vallotton

Felix Vallotton, Reclining Nude on a Red Carpet, 1909
Felix Vallotton, Rest, 1911
Felix Vallotton, 1915
Felix Vallotton, Two Women, 1913
Félix Vallotton, Femme de dos couchée sur un canapé rouge, 1906
Felix Vallotton, Reclining Nude, 1914
Félix Valotton, La Femme au Perroquet, 1909

Felix Vallotton, 1917


Nudes (1894 – 1928) | Suzanne Valadon

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