Race hate isn’t human nature | Orson Welles, 1944


Francis Miller, Chicago, 1957

“Race hate isn’t human nature, race hate is the abandonment of human nature.
But this is true. We hate whom we hurt, and we mistrust whom we betray. There
are minority problems simply because minority races are often wronged. Race hate,
distilled from the suspicions of ignorance, takes its welcome from the impotent and
the godless, comforting these with hellish parodies of what they’ve lost. Arrogance to
take the place of pride. Contempt to occupy the spirit of the love of man. There are
alibis for the phenomenon; excuses—economic and social—but the brutal facts is
simply this: where the racist lies acceptable there is corruption.
Where there is hate there is shame.”

 Orson Welles, Part of a public declaration, 1944

Bob Adelman, Ferry, Mississippi River, 1964

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