Flick Review < Secret Ceremony | Joseph Losey (1968)

Secret2BCeremonySecret2BCeremony 1
Secret2BCeremony 2Joseph2BLosey2BSecret2BCeremony
Secret2BCeremony2B1Secret2BCeremony 3

Mia Farrow                         Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum

Secret2BCeremony 4Mia2BFarrow
Robert Mitchum, Mia Farrow  
Secret2BCeremony 5Mia2BFarrow 1
Secret2BCeremony2B1 1Mia2BFarrow 2
Mia2BFarrow 3Mia2BFarrow2B1
Secret Ceremony | 1968
Director: Joseph Losey 
Writers: Marco Denevi (short story “Ceremonia secreta”), George Tabori
Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum, Mia Farrow
Mia2BFarrow 4
Mia Farrow with her Beatles records on the set of Secret Ceremony, 1968


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