Thoughts on { Blue | Yves Klein, 1952 – 62

Yves Klein, Blue Monochrome, 1960                                   Yves Klein self portrait.

“What is blue? Blue is the invisible becoming visible… Blue has no dimensions.
It “is” beyond the dimensions of which other colours partake”.

Yves Klein


Yves Klein, Globe terrestre bleu (RP 5), 1961

Day is blue
silence is green
life is yellow
light traces lines,
and never ends,
and I trail behind
transpierced by indifference!

Yves Klein, 1952

Yves2BKlein2B 2BLa2BVictoire2Bde2BSamothraceVC3A9nus2Bbleue

Yves Klein, La Victoire de Samothrace (S 9), 1962        Yves Klein, Vénus bleue (S 41), 1962


“Blue suggests the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract.”

Yves Klein

Yves Klein, Anthropométrie sans titre (ANT 130), 1960 Yves Klein, Anthropométrie sans titre (ANT 173), 1961
Yves2BKlein 1
Yves Klein, Grande Anthropophagie bleue Hommage à Tennessee Williams (ANT 76), 1960

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