Portraits, still-lifes and photomontages | Iwao Yamawaki (1930-1933)

Portraits, still-lifes and photomontages | Iwao Yamawaki (1930-1933)Iwao2BYamawaki2B 2BUntitled2C2B1931
 Iwao Yamawaki, Lunch (12-2pm), 1931                 Iwao Yamawaki, Bauhaus Building, Southern View, Dessau, 1930-32
Iwao Yamawaki, Porches and clock, 1930

Iwao Yamawaki, Cafeteria after lunch, Bauhaus, Dessau (1932)

 Iwao Yamawaki, Hands playing the piano, 1932
Iwao Yamawaki, Hand With Ring, 1930
Iwao2BYamawaki 1Iwao2BYamawaki2C2BPortrait2Bof2Bwoman2C2B1930 1932

Iwao Yamawaki, Portrait of a Man Smoking. 1931         Iwao Yamawaki, Portrait of woman, 1930-32

Iwao2BYamawaki2C2BTea glass2Bby2BJosef2BAlbers2C2B1933
Iwao Yamawaki, Tea-glass by Josef Albers, 1933
Iwao2BYamawaki 2iwao2Byamawaki.2B2B2B2B2Barticulated2Bmannequin
Iwao Yamawaki, Articulated mannequin and shadow, 1931       Iwao Yamawaki, Articulated Mannequin, 1931
Four2Bwalkers2Bfrom2Babove2B19302B 2B1932
Iwao Yamawaki, Four walkers from above, 1930-32 
Iwao2BYamawaki 1
 Iwao Yamawaki, Two heads, 1930-32
Iwao Yamawaki, Attack on the Bauhaus, 1932   

Iwao Yamawaki, Typewriter, 1930
Iwao2BYamawaki 2
Iwao Yamawaki, Self-portrait, 1930 – 32 

Iwao Yamawaki, Bather collage, 1933

Iwao Yamawaki is an interesting figure at the intersection of modernism and the history of Japanese photography. He began his career as an architect but became dissatisfied with Japanese practices. For that reason he travelled to Germany in 1930, where he enrolled as a student of the Bauhaus in Dessau. He started studying architecture at the Bauhaus, but soon moved on to the photography section where he produced architecture photography, portraits, still-lifes and photomontages. The photographic methods of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Walter Peterhans had a big influence on him. Yamawaki continuously analysed the relationship between photography and the design of spaces, and he often tried to interpret the connection between human beings and architectural space in his pictures.


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