Photographers [Oo] Portraits | Photos by Annelise Kretschmer, 1927-1959

Annelise2BKretschmerAnnelise2BKretschmer2B 2BPortrait2Bau2Bsoleil2C2Bvers2B1930
Annelise Kretschmer, Portrait in the Sun, 1930                        Annelise Kretschmer, Portrait au soleil, 1930
Annelise2BKretschmer 1Annelise2BKretschmer 2

Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled (Tatijana), 1935-37

Annelise2BKretschmer 3Annelise2BKretschmer 4
Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled, 1930                                 Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled, 1930
Annelise2BKretschmer 5Annelise20Kretschmer20Elisabeth20Kadow1929
Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled (Head of a Girl), 1931                     Annelise Kretschmer, Elisabeth Kadow, 1929
Annelise2BKretschmer 6

Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled (Sigmund Kretschmer, Hiddensee), 1927

Annelise2BKretschmer 7
Annelise Kretschmer, Ellice Illiard, 1931
Annelise2BKretschmer2B1Annelise2BKretschmer 8
Annelise Kretschmer, untitled (architect), 1959                   Annelise Kretschmer, 1928
Annelise2BKretschmer 9
Annelise Kretschmer, Untitled, 1920s
Annelise2BKretschmer 10Anneliese2BKretschmer2C
Annelise Kretschmer, self-portrait, 1930s                 Annelise Kretschmer, Head of a Young Woman, 1930
Annelise2BKretschmer 11

Annelise Kretschmer, self-portrait, 1927

Kretschmer is best known for her depictions of women in Germany in the early 20th century and is credited with helping construct the ‘Neue Frau’ or New Woman image of modern femininity.

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