Instant Views [o.] Doors | Photos by Marcel Duchamp / Franz Lazi / Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry

Door2Bwith2Bcat2Bhole2C2Bc.1450 1500
Door with cat hole, c.1450-1500

Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry – New York


Marcel Duchamp, Door, 11 Rue Larrey, 1927  


  Franz Lazi, Open Doors, 1949

Marcel2BDuchamp 1
Marcel Duchamp, Given: 1) The Waterfall, 2) The Illuminating Gas (Etant Donnés:
1) La Chute D’eau, 2) Le Gaz d’Éclairage), 1946–66. Exterior view.

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  1. As usual, there was at first no response to K.’s ring at the door. “Leni could be a bit quicker,” thought K. But he could at least be glad there was nobody else interfering as usually happened, be it the man in his nightshirt or anyone else who might bother him. As K. pressed on the button for the second time he looked back at the other door, but this time it, too, remained closed. At last, two eyes appeared at the spy-hatch in the lawyer’s door, although they weren’t Leni’s eyes. Someone unlocked the door, but kept himself pressed against it as he called back inside, “It’s him!”, and only then did he open the door properly. K. pushed against the door, as behind him he could already hear the key being hurriedly turned in the lock of the door to the other flat. When the door in front of him finally opened, he stormed straight into the hallway. Through the corridor which led between the rooms he saw Leni, to whom the warning cry of the door opener had been directed, still running away in her nightshirt . He looked at her for a moment and then looked round at the person who had opened the door.

    Franz Kafka / The Trial // Der Process / Chapter 8 / Block, the businessman – Dismissing the lawyer / 1914-15 // unfinished


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