The Isadorables / Anna Denzler- Duncan | Photos by Arnold Genthe & Nickolas Muray,1920s

The Isadorables / Anna Denzler- Duncan | Photos by Arnold Genthe & Nickolas Muray,1920sAnna2BDuncan 1

Nickolas Muray, Anna Duncan, 1920

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Arnold Genthe, Anna Duncan, 1926

Arnold Genthe , Anna Duncan, 1920
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Arnold Genthe, Anna Duncan          Arnold Genthe, Anna Duncan, Long Beach, Long Island,1920s
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Arnold Genthe, Anna Duncan,  Long Beach, Long Island,1920s

Anna Duncan, nee Denzler, was one of the six. She seems to have been a very pretty girl who felt compelled to leave the Duncan entourage in 1921 because she and Isadora were both in love with Isadora’s pianist, Walter Rummel.

Although her independent performing career initially included original works, Anna vowed after Isadora died in 1927 to devote the rest of her life to teaching and performing only Isadora’s dances. A dead end was the result. Eventually she had to resign herself to working as a saleslady.

Her final years were spent in the Jewish Home for the Aging Blind in Yonkers, New York.

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 Apeda, Anna Duncan, 1910s                    Nickolas Muray, Anna Duncan

Young Anna Denzler from Switzerland was one of Isadora Duncan’s first pupils. She became one of the six ‘Isadorables’, a famous group of girls who took Duncan’s name and were known as her daughters. Anna Duncan dedicated her life to Isadora and her dancing.


The Isadorables were a group of six young girls, Anna Denzler, Maria-Theresa Kruger, Irma Erich-Grimme, Elizabeth Milker, Margot Jehl, and Erica Lohmann, who danced under the instruction of Isadora Duncan. Their nickname was given to them by the French poet Fernand Divoire in 1909. They were all later given the Duncan last name when Isadora adopted them.

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