Truempy Dance School | Photos by Lili Baruch / Willy Roemer / Alfred Eisenstaedt, Berlin (1928-30)

Truempy Dance School, Students relaxing in the greenroom, Berlin, 1928-29
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Lili Baruch, Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1928  / Willy Roemer, Modern Dance school Truempy-Skoronel: students perform an  instrument dance at the school which is managed by Vera Skoronel and Berthe Truempy.
Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1928-29
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Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dancers at Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1930 / Alfred Eisenstaedt, Costumed Dancer at the Truempy Dance School Performing  in Front of a Mirror,  Berlin, 1930
Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1928-29
Dancers at Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1928-29    Alfred Eisenstaedt,  View through the legs of ballerinas at the Truempy dance school, Berlin, 1930
Students2Bof2Bthe2BTr25C325BCmpy Skoronel2Bdance2Bschool2Bwith2Bthe2Bchoreography2B25E22580259CChaotic2BCluster25E22580259D2B2528Chaotische2BBallung2529252C2B1930
Students of the Trümpy-Skoronel dance school with the choreography “Chaotic Cluster” (Chaotische Ballung), 1930
Alfred Eisenstaedt, Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1930

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