Photographers [Oo] Summer | Photos by Martin Munkacsi, 1920-44

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Martin Munkacsi, 1929                    Martin Munkacsi, Erika Fiedler in the Reeds, 1934
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Martin Munkacsi, 1929                                                    Martin Munkacsi, 1929
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Martin Munkacsi, Greta Garbo, 1932             Martin Munkacsi, Bathing Beauties, Berlin, 1929
Martin Munkacsi, Dans l’Air. 1935

Martin Munkácsi ( 1896 – 1963) was a Hungarian photographer who worked in Germany (1928–34) and the United States.

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ScreenHunter 46632BJul.2B192B14.40In 1932, the young Henri Cartier-Bresson, at the time an undirected photographer who catalogued his travels and his friends, saw the Munkácsi photograph Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika, taken on a beach in Liberia. Cartier-Bresson later said:

Martin Munkacsi, Boys running into the surf at Lake Tanganyika, Liberia, 1930

Martin Munkacsi, Boy on the beach, 1930 >

“For me this photograph was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that, by capturing the moment, photography was able to achieve eternity. It is the only photograph to have influenced me. This picture has such intensity, such joie de vivre, such a sense of wonder that it continues to fascinate me to this day.” He paraphrased this many times during his life, including the quotation, “I suddenly understood that photography can fix eternity in a moment. It is the only photo that influenced me. There is such intensity in this image, such spontaneity, such joie de vivre, such miraculousness, that even today it still bowls me over.” 
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Richard Avedon said of Munkácsi,”He brought a taste for happiness and honesty and a love of women to what was, before him, a joyless, loveless, lying art. Today the world of what is called fashion is peopled with Munkácsi’s babies, his heirs…. The art of Munkácsi lay in what he wanted life to be, and he wanted it to be splendid. And it was.”

Martin Munkacsi, Nude in Straw Hat, 1944 Martin Munkacsi, Healthy bodies, Harper’s Bazaar, 1935 >

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Martin Munkacsi, Nude with parasol, 1935
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Martin Munkacsi, Woman in Rowboat, 1928
Martin Munkácsi, Nice, 1930                Martin Munkacsi, Seashore Before the Thunderstorm, 1930
Martin2BMunkacsi 10193025E2258025931939
Martin Munkacsi, 1929                  Martin Munkacsi, 1930-39

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 Martin Munkacsi, 1920-29
ScreenHunter 46662BJul.2B192B14.43Martin2BMunkacsi2B252822529

Martin Munkacsi, Olivia de Havilland, 1936            Martin Munkacsi, Silver white satin beach costume, 1933

ScreenHunter 46682BJul.2B192B14.45ScreenHunter 46652BJul.2B192B14.42
Martin Munkacsi, Margo on holiday, 1934                Martin Munkacsi, On the beach, 1935
ScreenHunter 46612BJul.2B192B14.38ScreenHunter 46602BJul.2B192B14.38

Summer camp near Bad-Kissingen, Germany, 1929                Martin Munkacsi, Bathers, Margit Island, Budapest, 1928


Martin Munkacsi, photographing for Harper’s Bazaar in Long Island, taking an angle shot of a diver, 1935
ScreenHunter 46622BJul.2B192B14.39
Martin Munkacsi, Wannsee , 1931

ScreenHunter 46692BJul.2B192B14.45
  Martin Munkacsi, Woman on Boat, 1930 – 39
ScreenHunter 46642BJul.2B192B14.41

Martin Munkacsi, Neger am Strand, 1930

martin2Bmunkacsi 12ScreenHunter 46672BJul.2B192B14.44

Martin Munkácsi, 1930 – 39             Martin Munkacsi, Caught by a wave, 1930

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 Martin Munkacsi, Movable lifeguard tower, Germany, 1929

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