Instant Views [o.] Dance (1923 – 1970) | Lucien Clergue / Art Shay / Margaret Bourke-White / Martin Munkacsi / David Seymour / Gianni Berengo Gardin

Gianni Berengo Gardin, Lido di Venezia, 1958               Martin Munkacsi, Girls Dancing in the Streets, Budapest, 1923

Fulvio Roiter, Campo Santo Stefano, 1970   


Lucien Clergue, On forme le cercle, 1955

Soho2B 2B1956David2BSeymour2BDancing2Bin2Bthe2Bstreets2C2BParis2C2B1953

Soho, 1956                          David Seymour, Dancing in the streets, Paris, 1953

Margaret2BBourke White
Margaret Bourke-White, Taxi Dancers, Fort Peck Bar Room, 1936
Art2BShay252C2BDance2BDuo252C2B1955Jean Philippe2BCharbonnier
Art Shay, Dance Duo, 1955                      Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, France, 1953


“When I dance, I dance. When I sleep, I sleep.”

Michel de Montaigne


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