Persons [ ] Seduction | Colette, 1873- 1954

Jacques Fernand2BHumbert252C2BColette252C2Bc.2B1896

Jacques-Fernand Humbert, Colette, c. 1896

“Love is not an honorable sentiment”

“Youth is not the age to seduce, it’s the age to be seduced.”

“They exchanged looks full of mischievous security.”

“When she raises her eyelids, it’s as if she were taking off all her clothes.”

“In its early stages, insomnia is almost an oasis in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge.”

“Music is love in search of a word.”

“Hope costs nothing. ”

“No one asked you to be happy. Get to work.”

 Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette / 1873 -1954


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