Painters [*/ ) The Sea | Paintings by Onchi Koshiro, 1881-1955

Onchi2BKoshiro252C2BRest252C2B1928252C2B252822529Diving2B 2BOnchi2BKoshiro
Onchi Koshiro, Rest, 1928                                                                          Onchi Koshiro, Diving, 1932
Onchi Koshiro, Family of the Sea, 1937
On2Bchi2BKoshiro2B2527Lyric2BNo2B122BUncertain2BHope2B1951Fairy2BTale2Bof2Bthe2BSea2B 2BOnchi2BKoshiro 1949
Onchi Koshiro, Lyric No 12, Uncertain Hope, 1951                                       Onchi Koshiro, Fairy Tale of the Sea, 1949
Poem2BNo.2B232B2BFish2B1954 2BKoshiro2BOnchi2B 2B25281881 19552529
Onchi Koshiro, Poem No. 23: Fish, 1954
Onchi Koshiro, Poem No. 13, 1950                                                                       Onchi Koshiro, Poem No. 6: Image de la Mer, 1948
Onchi Koshiro, Bathers, 1928
Lakeside2B 2BOnchi2BKoshiro1928Onchi2BKoshiro2BRound2BRipple2B1939
 Onchi Koshiro, Lakeside,1928                                                                         Onchi Koshiro, Round Ripple, 1939
Onchi Koshiro, The sea, 1937
Onchi Koshiro, The sea, 1937
Onchi Kōshirō  (1891-1955), born in Tokyo, was a Japanese print-maker. He was the father of the sōsaku-hanga movement in twentieth century Japan, and a photographer.
Onchi’s prints range from early representational to postwar abstract prints. As an early advocate of the sōsaku-hanga movement, Onchi believed that artistic creation originates from the self. He was more interested in expressing subjective emotions through abstract prints than in replicating images and forms in the objective world. His prints evoke lyrical and poetic mood.
Onchi2BK25C5258Dshir25C5258D2BArtist2B25281891 195525292B252822529

Art is not to be understood by the mind but by the heart. If we go back to its origin, painting is expressed in color and form by the heart, and it should never be limited to a world of reflected forms captured by visual sense. Therefore, expression of the heart through color and forms separated from color and form in the real world is that true realm of painting. I will for the time call this type of work the ‘lyrique’

Onchi Koshiro

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