On [:] A cold wind | Charles Beaumont, 1955

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Jeffrey Smart,  A storm approaches the railroad, 1955

“He stopped and leaned against a pole and looked up at the deaf and swollen sky. It was a movement of dark shapes, a hurrying, a running.

He closed his eyes.”

“A cold wind raced across the surrounding fields of wild grass, turning the land into a heaving dark-green ocean. It sighed up through the  branches of cherry trees and rattled the thick leaves. Sometimes a cherry would break loose, tumble in the gale, fall and split, filling  the night with its fragrance. The air was iron and loam and growth.

He walked and tried to pull these things into his lungs, the silence and coolness of them.

But someone was screaming, deep inside him. Someone was talking.”

Charles Beaumont*, Hunger, 1955

*a writer of classic Twilight Zone episodes 1959 -64

The Hunger and Other Stories, Charles Beaumont, 1957

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