J[A-Z]Z p1ck ( Greece Goes Modern | Mimis Plessas & the Orbiters, 1967

 Design: Vassilis Fotopoulos

Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters,  Ι Perdika (Dance of Corfu),  Greece Goes Modern, 1967

Recorded in Athens, 1966

Mimis Plessas (with the Orbiters) took 10 Greek traditional themes and treated them under his jazz, lounge, fuzz and pop perspective.

Andreas Rodousakis – Bass
Nikos Ginos –  Clarinet, Flute
Igor Raniets –  Drums, Percussion
Titos Kalliris –  Electric Guitar
Andreas Ortega –  Flute, Electric Guitar
Mimis Plessas –  Organ [Philicorda]

Mimis Plessas & the Orbiters, 1966

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