Instant Views [o.] The Americans | Photos by Robert Frank, 1955-57

cover2Bof2BLes2Bam25C325A9ricains252C2Bdesigned2Bby2BSaul2BSteinberg2B252832529Robert2BFrank.2BLes2BAm25C325A9ricains.2BParis2B2BDelpire252C2B1958. 22B252832529
Robert Frank, Les Américains. Cover design by Saul Steinberg, 1958
Robert Frank, Coffee Shop, Railway Station, 1955-56
Robert Frank, Reno, Nevada,  1956
Robert2Bfrank2BCovered2Bcar252C2BLong2BBeach252C2BCalifornia1955 1956
Robert Frank, Covered car, Long Beach, California, 1955-56
Robert Frank, City Hall, Reno, Nevada, 1955-56
Robert Frank, Department store, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1955-56
Robert Frank, Drive- In, Detroit, 1955
Robert Frank, Indianapolis, 1955
Robert2BFrank2B2BTelevision2Bstudio252C2BBurbank252C2BCalifornia2B1955 56
Robert Frank, Television studio, Burbank, California 1955-56
Robert Frank, New York City, 1957
Robert Frank, Elevator, Miami Beach, 1955
Robert2BFrank252C2B2BParade2B 2BHoboken252C2BNew2BJersey2B2BThe2BAmericans
Robert Frank, Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1955
Robert Frank, The Americans, 1956
Robert2BFrank252CTrolley2B 2BNew2BOrleans2B2B2BThe2BAmericanss252C
Robert Frank, Trolley, New Orleans, 1955
Robert Frank, Motorama, Los Angeles, 1956
Robert Frank, Ranch market, Hollywood, California
Robert Frank, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1955
Robert Frank, U.S. 91, Leaving Blackfoot, Idaho, 1956
Robert Frank, U.S. 285, New Mexico, 1955                     Robert Frank, U.S. 90, En Route to Del Rio, Texas, 1955

Robert Frank, Mary and Pablo in high grass, 1956

Les Américains was first published on 15 May 1958 by Robert Delpire in Paris as part of its Encyclopédie Essentielle series. Writings by Simone de Beauvoir, Erskine Caldwell, William Faulkner, Henry Miller and John Steinbeck were included, that Delpire positioned opposite Frank’s photographs.Text edited by Alain Bosquet.


Wayne Miller, Robert  Frank looking at negatives in California while photographing ‘The Americans’, 1956

Shortly after returning to New York in 1957, Robert Frank met Beat writer Jack Kerouac on the sidewalk outside a party and showed him the photographs from his travels. Kerouac immediately told Frank “Sure I can write something about these pictures,” and he contributed the introduction to the U.S. edition of The Americans, 1959.

“He sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film, taking rank among the tragic poets of the world. To Robert Frank now I give this message: You got eyes.”

from Jack Kerouac’s Introduction

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