Painters [*/ ) The gaze | Paintings by Elmer Bischoff (1916-1991)

Elmer Bischoff, Couple, 1957-1959
Elmer2BBischoff 1
Elmer Bischoff, The River, 1953
Elmer2BBischoff 2
Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Umbrella, 1957


Elmer Bischoff, Figure Near the Ocean, 1959


Elmer Bischoff , Red Cliffs, 1963


Elmer Bischoff, Girl with Towel, 1960

Elmer Bischoff, Detail of Two Figures In the Garden, 1958

Elmer2BBischoff 3

Elmer Bischoff, Woman Resting, 1958

Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Dark Blue Sky, 1959
Woman2Bwith2BYellow2BFlowersElmer2BBischoff 4

Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Yellow Flowers                                        Elmer Bischoff, Woman in Bathrobe, 1958


Elmer Bischoff , Girls, Ocean, Mirror, 1961

Elmer2BBischoff 5
Elmer Bischoff, Breakers, 1963
Elmer2BBischoff2B3Elmer2BBischoff 6
Elmer Bischoff, Late Afternoon, 1953                                               Elmer Bischoff, Hangover Club, 1963
Elmer Bischoff, Girl at the mirror, 1958
Elmer2BBischoff 7
Elmer Bischoff, Seated nude before a mirror, 1972


Elmer Nelson Bischoff (1916 – 1991) was a visual artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bischoff, along with Richard Diebenkorn and David Park, was part of the post-World War II generation of artists who started as abstract painters and found their way back to figurative art.

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