Art Nouveau book covers | Margaret Neilson Armstrong (1896 -1919)

Art Nouveau book covers | Margaret Neilson Armstrong (1896 -1919)
   Paul Leicester Ford, Love Finds the Way, 1904                           Ad Astra, Selections from the Divine Comedy of Dante, 1902
Harold MacGrath. The Man on the Box, 1904                George W. Cable. Posson Jone and Pere Raphael, 1909
Myrtle Reed, Weaver of Dreams, 1911                  Myrtle Reed, Threads of Grey & Gold, 1913
Mrs. William Starr Dana, According to Season, 1902                 Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews, The Militants, 1907

     Henry Van Dyke, The Valley of Vision, 1919                  Henry Van Dyke, The Blue Flower, 1904
Margaret2BNeilson2BArmstrongMargaret2BNeilson2BArmstrong 1
John Greenleaf Whittier, The Tent on the Beach, 1899               Henry Van Dyke, Little Rivers, 1903
Margaret Neilson Armstrong, Field book of western wild flowers, 1915      Mrs. William Starr Dana, How to Know the Wild Flowers, 1896
 Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, 1908             George W. Cable. Bylow Hill, 1902
Molly Elliot Seawell, Children of Destiny, 1903            Molly Elliot Seawell, The Chateau of Montplasir, 1906

Margaret Armstrong usually worked in a vocabulary of ornament, rarely producing a purely  pictorial design. She too developed her own lettering and used cloths that were generally lighter  in color than those which were in common use. As her style developed, Armstrong’s use of several colored inks on a cover increased, her ornaments became larger, and the covers became quite easy  to see at a distance, a crucial factor in their role as advertisements.

In her mid-forties, Armstrong spent a few years travelling around the western United States.  In 1911 she and some friends were the first women to descend to the floor of the Grand Canyon  where Armstrong discovered some new flower species. A few years later she published  Field Book of Western Wildflowers, which included over five hundred of her drawings. 

Margaret Neilson Armstrong

Margaret Neilson Armstrong (1867–1944) was a 20th-century American designer, illustrator, and author.  She is best known for her book covers in the Art Nouveau style but also wrote and illustrated the first comprehensive  guide to wildflowers of the American west. She also wrote mystery novels and biographies.



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