Instant Views [o.] Jukebox (1889 – 1962)

Instant Views [o.] Jukebox (1889 - 1962)
S.F. Gin Joint Hears the World’s First Jukebox, 1889
The first jukebox is installed at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. 
It becomes an overnight sensation, and its popularity spreads around the world.
Federico Fellini choosing a song on a jukebox, 1960

Robert Doisneau, Luis Buñuel In Front Of A Juke Box, 1955

Three members of the Ink Spots, including Bill Kenny, Billy Bowen and Bernie Mackey standing around jukebox with man holding glass, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1941


London, 1955

Daniel Frasnay, Paris, 1956



Coffee Bar in Soho, 1959

Gérard Bloncourt, Paris, 1958

Two teenage boys listening to the latest hits on a pub jukebox, 1959
French actor Jacques Charrier poses with his wife, actress Brigitte Bardot (R) and singer Dalida in front of a juke box during the Paris premiere of the musical show ‘Juke Box’ at the Paris Etoile Theater, September 25th. Dalida stars in the show, 1959

A teenage street gang hanging out in their local candy store in New York City, 1955

Couples dancing next to jukebox, 1946                Dave Heath, New York, 1959
A young woman gets dewy-eyed with the music from a juke box, 1950          A young couple make a selection on a juke box in the late 1940’s
German Teenager With Jukebox, 1959
Playing the jukebox at ‘The Little Soda Fountain’ in Manila, 1956
Neal Cassady, Los Gatos, California, 1962

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