Instant Views [o.] New Year’s Eve on the subway | Photos by Danny Lyon, New York, 1966

Danny Lyon, Subway Train, 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway Man, 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway Two Boys, 1966


Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966

Danny2BLyon 1

Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966

Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway No Standing, 1966
Danny Lyon was famous for his work photographing the civil rights movement in the south and motorcycle gangs in Chicago.
When he returned to New York, his mother told him, if ever got bored, he should “just talk to someone on the subway.”
The result is a photo series he called “Underground: 1966,” which features eight pictures Lyon took candidly of travelers
on the New York City Subway system in Brooklyn during New Year’s Eve in 1966.

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