Book//mark – Women in Love | D.H. Lawrence, 1920

Women in Love | D.H. Lawrence, 1920  
 Women in Love, D. H. Lawrence, first edition, 1920                   D. H. Lawrence

“They stood together in a false intimacy, a nervous contact. And he was in love with her.”

“But both had the remote, virgin look of modern girls, sisters of Artemis rather than of Hebe.”

“She was not herself–she was not anything. She was something that is going to be–soon–soon–
very soon. But as yet, she was only imminent.”

“I want us to be together without bothering about ourselves- to be really together because we ARE together, as if it were a phenomenon, not a thing we have to maintain by our own effort.”

“I should feel the air move against me, and feel the things I touched, instead of having only to look at them.”

“But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.”

“Either the heart would break, or cease to care. Best cease to care.”

“Now go away then, and leave me alone. I don’t want any more of your meretricious persiflage.”

“You’ve got to lapse out before you can know what sensual reality is, lapse into unkowingness,
and give up your volition…You’ve got to learn not-to-be before you can come into being.”

“I want to be gone out of myself, and you to be lost to yourself, so we are found different.”

“For to desire is better than to possess, the finality of the end was dreaded as deeply as it was desired.”

“Try to love me a little more, and want me a little less.”

“In sleep, you dream, in drink you curse, and in travel you yell at a porter. No, work and love are the two. When you’re not at work you should be in love.’ ‘Be”

“His suave loins of darkness, dark-clad and suave”

“She could hear a distant coughing of a sheep.”

“There was a glimmer of nightly rabbits across the ground.”

“It seethes and seethes, a river of darkness, putting forth lilies and snakes”

“Special natures you must give a special world.”

“Instead of chopping yourself down to fit the world, chop the world down to fit yourself. ”

“I’m sure life is all wrong because it has become much too visual – we can neither hear nor
feel nor understand, we can only see. I’m sure that is entirely wrong.”

“That’s the place to get to—nowhere. One wants to wander away from the world’s somewheres,
into our own nowhere.”

Women in Love, D.H. Lawrence,1920 

Women in Love, D. H. Lawrence, 1920

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