Marie Henriques Picture Book | Hans Christian Andersen, 1868

In the fall of 1868, Hans Christian Andersen spent several days or perhaps even weeks in seclusion.
During this time he eagerly wrote, cut and pasted. The result was a stunningly illustrated, fantastic
 184-pages travel book, which he gave to a little girl named Marie on her 3rd birthday in 1869.
In his diary Andersen wrote:

“Began on a picture book for little Marie Henriques. I am cutting and gluing until late at night,”
and a few days later: “[…] Pasting every day. At the Melchior and Henriques homes the
grownups are very intrigued by the picture book for little Marie.”

The diaries, 21–23 December 1868


 In the birthday letter that accompanied the picture book Andersen also wrote:

“Your mother read it for you, she is your best friend, your second friend
is your father, your third is Andersen.”

26 June, 1869

The story, which Andersen wrote, is about the little Marie’s Grand Tour around the world together
 with her trusty but strict nanny Sidse. Full of verses and comments and a host of colourful
 illustrations he created a spectacular visual universe where imagination and emotions are set
in motion. Marie and Sidse encounter all sorts of people and travel through many countries all
over the world, but of course Marie ends up at home with her parents as “an adorable rosebud“:
 “Initially, Marie does not want to go to Rome, her aspirations are much higher, and she wants to
 begin at the North Pole and see the splendid Northern Lights, if the experience leaves her too cold,
 she will immediately head down to warmer countries. It is a long way for two solitary ladies. Sidse
 therefore dresses as a watchman to safeguard little Marie”. (…)
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Marie2BHenriques2BPicture2BBook 2

Hans Christian Andersen, “Marie Henriques Picture Book”, 1868

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