Phases of the Moon | Paul Delvaux (1939-1942)

Paul Delvaux, Phases of the Moon, 1939

“My overriding passion was the books of Jules Verne. […] I was completely fascinated by
 the engraving of Riou showing Otto Lidenbrock the wise geologist from Journey to the
 Centre of the Earth. I reproduced this for the first time in 1939 in the Phases de la Lune I.”

Paul Delvaux
Carels, Guy and Charles van Deun, Paul Delvaux: his life, (Saint-Idesbald, Belgium: Paul Delvaux Foundation, 2004) 32. ↩︎

The man in the back leading the nude women á la the Pied Piper is Delvaux himself.

Paul Delvaux, Phases of the Moon III., 1942

Paul Delvaux, Phases of the Moon II, 1941

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