On [:] Wuthering Heights | Emily Brontë / Marlon Brando

On [:] Wuthering Heights | Emily Brontë / Marlon Brando
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights, Penguin, 1965
Cover illustration: cover shows a painting of Emily Brontë by her brother 
Patrick Branwell Brontë (National Portrait Gallery, London)

“I had to read Wuthering Heights for English and
I never enjoyed a book in all my life as much as that one.”

 Marlon Brando, Songs My Mother Taught Me, 1994

Marlon Brando on the set of The Men directed by Fred Zinnemann, 1949.

* Brando had an enormous collection of books that was auctioned off after his death.
His favorite volumes in his library included books about American Indians and volumes of Freud.

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