Beautiful words: Serotinal / Late of time



Serotinal is the most romantic and beautiful word pertaining to this time of year, alluding to or occurring in late summer. For example, the breezy, cool nights, the leaves on the ground, the earlier occurrence of the sunset and back to school season are all serotinal manifestations. They are the beginning markings of autumn in the form of summer nostalgia..

Serotinal “developing late” is a rare word, restricted to the biological sciences, e.g., botany and entomology. Serotinal comes from the Latin adjective sērōtinus “late, coming or ripening late” and derives from the adverb sērō “at a late hour, late.” A related form, sēra (hora) means evening (hour), as in the Italian greeting buona sera “good evening.” Serotinal entered English in the late 19th century.

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