On [:] The Inaccessible | Daniil Kharms, 1905-42

The Inaccessible | Daniil Kharms, 1905-42

 Daniil Kharms

“The Russian spirit is either the singing of a choir or the nasal droning of a deacon.
It’s always either Divine or ridiculous. But the Germanic Geist is an organ. You,
Doctor, can say of nature: “I love nature. That cedar, how beautiful it is. Beneath
that tree a knight could stand, while on that mountain a monk might wander.”
Feelings like that are inaccessible to me. For me, be it a table, a cupboard, a
house, a meadow, a wooded grove, a butterfly, a grasshopper, it’s all one and
the same. . . .”

“I’ve become painfully stale of late and have ceased to resemble a human being.”

Daniil Kharms, 1905-42, I Am a Phenomenon Quite 
Out of the Ordinary: Notebooks, Diaries & Letters 

 Daniil Kharms, 1905-42

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