Lolita book covers | Vladimir Nabokov, 1955

Lolita book covers | Vladimir Nabokov, 1955
 Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov (Gallimard), 1959                Olympia Press, Paris, 1955, first edition
19592BGB2BWeidenfeld2B25262BNicolson252C2BLondon1957 Stockholm.
London, 1959                                           Wahlstrom & Widstrand, Stockholm, 1957
Buenos Aires, 1959                                    Frankfurt, 1990
Lolita2525201Lolita Wiseman
            –                                                               Ben Wiseman
Lolita deWildeLolita Roger2BKeenar
       Barbara deWilde                                                                        Jamie Keenan
1961 GR, Athens                                                                                        –
Sao Paulo, 1962                                 Istanbul, 1959

19882BLEB2BDar2BAl Adab252C2BBeirut19622BCH2Bor2Bafter2BAuthor2527s2Bdrawing

Beirut, 1988                             1962 CH or after Author’s drawing

Olympia Press, Paris, 1961                                                 Tokyo, 1962
1963Vladimir2BNabokov25E225802598s2B25E225802598Lolita by Gallimard FranceMichael2BBierut
Paris, 1963                                            Michael Bierut
Vladimir2BNabokov25E225802598s2B25E225802598Lolitajennifer heuer lolita coverVladimir2BNabokov25E225802598s2B25E225802598Lolitadavid a. gee
Jennifer Heuer                                                     –        
Random House, 2005
19582BNL2BOisterwijk252C2BThe2BHague19652BSV2BAldus Bonnier2B2528Delfinbok2529252C2BStockholm
  Oisterwijk, The Hague, 1958                                                Stockholm, 1965
20062BGB2BPenguin2B2528Red2BClassics2529252C2BLondon 20102BGB2BPenguin2B2528Modern2BClassics2529252C2BLondon
London, 2006                                                               London, 2010
Customers at a London bookshop read the bestseller ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov.

In 1958, Nabokov wrote to his new American publisher, Walter J. Minton at Putnam,
about the cover for his forthcoming novel, Lolita.
In a letter of 1 March 1958 Nabokov wrote:
“What about the jacket? After thinking it over, I would rather not involve butterflies.
 Do you think it could be possible to find today in New York an artist who would not be
 influenced in his work by the general cartoonesque and primitivist style jacket illustration?
Who would be capable of creating a romantic, delicately drawn, non-Freudian and
 non-juvenile, picture for LOLITA (a dissolving remoteness, a soft American
landscape, a nostalgic highway—that sort of thing)? There is one subject which
I am emphatically opposed to: any kind of representation of a little girl.”
Nabokov on different Lolita covers

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