On [:] The Night Walkers | Edgar Allan Poe, 1841

Honore2BDaumier252C2BThe2BNight2BWalkers252C2B18282B 1879
Honore Daumier, The Night Walkers, 1828 -1879

“For some strange reason, he loved the night and I began to share his enthusiasm.
Of course the night did not last forever, so when the morning came we closed all the
shutters on the building to simulate the condition of darkness. Then we lit two or three
candles. This was to have enough light to read or write or simply talk. We sat in the
house all day until the clock indicated that the true night was coming. Then we went
out into the streets continuing our conversation. We walked far and wide in the great
city, looking for things to stimulate our imagination. There was an infinity of mental
excitement in simply observing the world.”

Edgar Allan Poe, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, 1841

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