Everything in life is elusive | Gloria Vanderbilt, 1924-2019

Horst P. Horst: Gloria Vanderbilt in her living room, Vogue, 1975.

“All art, from the paintings on the walls of cave dwellers to art created today, is autobiographical
because it comes from the secret place in the soul where imagination resides.”

“One of the goals of life is to try and be in touch with one’s most personal themes: the values, ideas,
styles, colors, that are the touchstones of one’s own individual life, its real texture and substance.”

“I love to think that animals and humans and plants and fishes and trees
and stars and the moon are all connected.”

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt beside a portrait of herself done by Karin Van Leyden in 1941


“To be happy–one must find one’s bliss”

“You are not put on this earth to see through people.
You are put on this earth to see people through.”

“That is the best-to laugh with someone because you both think the same things are funny.”

“I’ve never let myself dwell on what other people think of me…You can never change their minds
so why waste time trying? Why agonize over it? better to concentrate on more important things.”

Gloria Vanderbilt

^ Horst P. Horst, Gloria Vanderbilt age 17 wearing a dress by Howard Greer, New York, 1941

Richard Avedon: Gloria Vanderbilt, Sidney Lumet, Jamaica, 1956 ^


“We are not put on this earth to see through one another.
We are put on this earth to see one another through.”

“The heart of another is a dark forest.”

“Everything in life is elusive.”

“Death is the price you paid for being born.”

Gloria Vanderbilt

Richard Avedon: Gloria Vanderbilt, 10 Gracie Square, New York, 1956 

“I do take very good care of myself, and I’m always in love. And by that I mean I have an appetite
for life. I’m in love with beauty and things and people and love and being in love, and those
things I think, on the inside, show on the outside.”

“Art brings a message into a room. It should make us perceive in a new way – either through
color, form or narrative content – something we had not perceived before… and perhaps
reveal something to you about yourself.”

Gloria Vanderbilt 

Gloria Vanderbilt                                                     In the kitchen, 1950
Gloria Vanderbilt                                                                Gloria Vanderbilt
Gloria2BVanderbilt252C2Bby2BLouise2BDahl Wolfe2Bfor2BHarper2527s2BBazaar252C2B19392B252822529Glori2BVanderbilt2Bappearing2Bin2BHarper25E225802599s2BBazaar2Bin2B1940
 Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Gloria Vanderbilt, for Harper’s Bazaar, 1939                          Glori Vanderbilt in Harper’s Bazaar, 1940
Gloria Vanderbilt with her first husband Pat DiCicco, 1941
Gordon Parks: Gloria Vanderbilt in costume for Molna’s play The Swan, 1954
Richard Avedon, Gloria Vanderbilt, New York, 1953              Horst P. Horst Gloria Vanderbilt in a dress by Mainbocher, 1966
Gloria2BVanderbiltRiding2Bhorseback2Bin2B1937gloria vanderbiltin2Ba2Bcustom2BAdolfo2Bdress2Bdesigned2Bto2Bmatch2Bone2Bof2Bher2Bpaintings2Bin2B1968
Gloria Vanderbilt, 1937                               Gloria Vanderbilt in a custom Adolfo dress with one of her paintings 1968
Gloria Vanderbilt, 1966
Cecil Beaton: Gloria Vanderbilt, 1953                             Gloria Vanderbilt, Richard Avedon Harper’s Bazaar, N.Y, 1955
Gloria Vanderbilt ςith her sons Anderson Cooper and Carter Vanderbilt Cooper in their Southampton, NY home, 1972
Gloria2BVanderbilt84gloria vanderbilt art studio
Gianni Penati, Gloria Vanderbilt, 1968                                 Gloria Vanderbilt’s colorful studio
Gloria Vanderbilt (1924-2019) is an American artist, author, actress, heiress and socialite,
 noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans. 
Truman Capote was said to have modeled the character of Holly Golightly in
 Breakfast at Tiffany’s on her.

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