Love Letters | Maria Casares & Albert Camus, 1944-1959

Love Letters | Maria Casares & Albert Camus, 1944-1959
Maria Casares and Albert Camus, 1948
“We met, we recognised each other, we abandoned ourselves one to the other. We have lived a love of burning, pure crystal. Do you realise what happiness we have, and what has been given to us?”
María Casares, from a letter to Albert Camus, June, 1950
“Tied to one another by the bonds of the earth, by intelligence, heart and flesh, nothing,
I know, can surprise or separate us.”
Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, February 1950
“Whatever may come, you are forever in all my life.”

María Casares, from a letter to Albert Camus,  January 1959

Maria Casares and Albert Camus, 1948                                 Maria Casares and Albert Camus
“Perhaps it was necessary that I had to bang my head against life in order
to return with an insatiable thirst for you and for meaning.”

María Casares, from a letter to Albert Camus, December 1944
“I hold you like the first time. I love your heart and all that you are.
When I think of us it seems absurd to not believe in eternity.”

María Casares, from a letter to Albert Camus, March 1952.

“I have enough love to fill your silence .”

Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, 27 février 1950
“I found with you a life force I’d thought I lost.”

Albert Camus to María Casares, August 1951.

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Maria Casares and Albert Camus

“I kiss my valentine and join the few flowers we have to offer Valentine’s day, to the
one we love. You are the one I love, in front of every spring, and I kiss you deeply,
with all my love.
 Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, February 1950.

“The rest of today was bleak,outside of us..”

Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, 1951


“You are the only being that has given me tears.”

Albert Camus to María Casares, August 1951
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Albert Camus and Maria Casares

Albert Camus to Maria Casarès
    one o’clock [morning] [june 1944]

Ma petite Maria,

I just came back home, I don’t want to sleep at all, and I have such a great desire to have you close
to me that I have to sit at my table to talk to you the only way I can. I didn’t dare say to Marcel
[Herrand] that I didn’t want to go drink his champagne. And you were with so much people !
But after a half hour, I had enough, I only needed you. I loved you so much, Maria, this whole
night, seeing you, hearing your voice that became for me irreplaceable while on my way up to
Marcel, I found a piece of text for the play. I can’t read it anymore without hearing you, it’s my
way to be happy with you.

I try to picture what you do, and I ask myself with wonder why you’re not here. I tell myself that what would be in the rule, in the only rule that I know, which is that of passion and life, it’s that you come back home tomorrow and that we finish together an evening that we would have started together. But I also know that this is vain and there is everything else.

But at least don’t forget me when you leave me. Don’t forget either what I told you extensively at my place, one day, before everything rushes. That day I told you with the deepest part of my heart and I would like, I would like so much that we be to each other like I told you we should be. Don’t leave me, I can’t phantom anything worse than losing you. What would I do now without that face where everything shakes me, this voice and also this body pressed against me ?

Besides it’s not what I wanted to tell you today. But only your presence here, the need I have of you, my thought of this evening. Goodnight, my dear. I hope that tomorrow will come quickly and all the other days where you will be more mine than this cursed play. I kiss you with all my strength.


Albert Camus Maria Casares

Albert Camus & Maria Casares


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