Kids | Photos by Jacques Sonck, 1977-1990

Jacques2BSonckJacques2BSonck 1
Jacques Sonck, 1979                              Jacques Sonck, 1986
Jacques2BSonck 2Jacques2BSonck 3
Jacques Sonck, 1977                                                                       Jacques Sonck, 1986
Jacques Sonck, 1978                                          Jacques Sonck, 1990
Jacques Sonck, Antwerp, 1983                              Jacques Sonck, Antwerp, 1980
Jacques Sonck, 1983                                                        Jacques Sonck, 1987

“In my opinion, my photos don’t need too much information. It is more interesting to me
when the viewer uses his or her imagination, and fills in his or her own story to the picture.”

Jacques Sonck

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