Painters [*/ ) Yury Annenkov | Portraits: Anna Akhmatova / Boris Pasternak / Boris Pilnyak / Eugène Ionesco / André Gide / Maurice Ravel / Sergei Prokofiev, 1910-1953

Portrait of Elena Komissarzhevskaia-Balieff (1895-1981)                                Portrait of Anna Akhmatova, 1921
Yury Annenkov, Portrait of a gentleman                    Yury Annenkov, Portrait of photographer M.A. Sherling, 1918
Boris Pasternak 1921 by Yu AnnenkovPortrait2Bof2BBoris2BPilnyak252C2B1924
Portrait of Boris Pasternak, 1921                                                 Portrait of Boris Pilnyak, 1924
Portrait of Eugène Ionesco, 1953                                       Portrait of André Gide, 1948
Yury Annenkov, Portrait of Maurice Ravel, 1932                 Yury Annenkov, Portrait of Sergei Prokofiev, 1933
Yury Annenkov, Female portrait                  Yury Annenkov, Portrait of Miron Abramovich Sherling
Portrait of Elena Annenkova, 1917
Yury Annenkov, Self portrait
Yuri Annenkov 2528self portrait252C 1910
Yury Annenkov, Self-portrait, 1910
Yury Pavlovich Annenkov ( also known as Georges Annenkov)1889 – 1974 was a Russian artist
mostly known for his book illustrations and portraits. He also worked for theatre and
cinema (design). A member of Mir Iskusstva.

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