Travel Posters / Cigarette Ads | by British artist Daphne Padden, 1950s-1960s

Daphne2BPadden 1Daphne2BPadden2B1
Pall2BMallDaphne2BPadden 2
Pall Mall King Size Cigarettes, 1957                                                              Daphne Padden, Pall Mall Ski poster, 1957
Daphne2BPadden2B2 1Daphne2BPadden 3
Daphne2BPadden 4Daphne2BPadden 5
Daphne2BPadden2B3 1Daphne2BPadden 6
British artist Daphne Padden was born on 21st May 1927, the daughter of Percy Padden
who was also an travel poster illustrator working in the 20’s and 30’s.
She began designing posters in the mid 50’s and is probably best known for her British
Transport Commission and Royal Blue Coach Services travel posters.

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