Persons [ ] 4.48 Psychosis | Sarah Kane, 1999

Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis, 1999                  Sarah Kane, 1971-1999


“It is myself I have never met.”

“I am jealous of my sleeping lover and cover his induced unconsciousness.”

“Everything perishes.”

“I need to become who I already am.”

“Tired of crowd searching, telepathy and hope.”

“Depression is anger. It’s what you did, who was there and who you’re blaming.”

“The heart is going out of me, and though she cannot remember she cannot forget.”

“But I am not here and never have been.”

“They will love me for that which destroys me.”

“Please open the curtains.”

“Touching her absence, the flux of her heart, the splash of her smile.”

“My thought walks away with a killing smile.”

“I have been dead for a long time.”

“Embrace beautiful lies – the chronic insanity of the sane.”

“Your disbelief cures nothing.”

“Drowning in a sea of logic this monstrous state of palsy.”

“The cold black pit of my immaterial mind.”

“Nothing can fill this void in my heart.”

“I like you and you can’t like someone who doesn’t like themself.”

“All I know is snow and black despair.”

“Fuck you God for making me love a person who does not exist.”

“Here I am and there is my body dancing on glass.”

“I cannot touch my essential self.”

” I sing without hope on the boundary.”

Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis, 1999

The title derives from the time—4:48 a.m.—when Kane, in her depressed state,
frequently woke in the morning.

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