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Erik Pevernagie
Erik Pevernagie  in Isle of Wight

“When we stay locked up in the spectrum of unsolved life stories and keep hiding in an arcane prism,
life remains a mystery behind perpetual tensions and a journey in a world beyond appearances.
(“Une femme peut en cacher une autre”)”

“If we only see things through the cold-eyed lens of factuality and don’t listen to the yearning and
screaming of unexpressed feelings, life may remain bleak in a mire of clinical hollowness,
sodden in apathy and indifference. (“Morning after”)”

“When relationships lose their pitch through lack of interest and become stale or unbearable
through enduring stealthy backbiting, the emotional house of cards is under attack.
A painstaking reshuffle, however, may brand a new choice of life and create energy
for positive thinking, whereas remaining bogged down in dispiriting situations and staying
clogged up with immaterial hassle may only spawn forlorn deadlocks.
(“Mes cliques et mes claques”)”

“When we feel lost in time, with only shadows of the past living in our mind; when the moment,
which “was”, no longer “is” and when only silence remains, loads of questions arise. We can
cry a river or we may wonder: “What went wrong?”

“Some may remain imprisoned in a gridlock of lies or keep on blurring the lines between facts
and fables, expecting us to buy the debilitating and fake narrative of their life, until they
eventually end up on the chopping block of the inexorable truth. Be that as it may, one
can “fool people some of the time, but not all of the time”. (“Bribe payers’ index »)”

“If the context is lost and merely bits and pieces remain from a scattered existence, only
the connection of anchor points may reinstate a distorted mental balance in an upset
life story. (“Lost the global story.” )”

“If we take the time or courage to find out what people feel and think, and to listen to the
heart of their story, we are capable of losing the narrowness of our preconceptions and
the nitpicking manipulations in our brain, making us geared up to view the world,
openly and with confidence.”

“Life can be generous, but leaves us with a trilemma: How can we reconcile three diverse
features: ‘I’, ‘me’ and the ‘others’. Since the “I” entails what I want; the “me” what others
expect of me and the “others” what others themselves want. The bridges between
“individuality”, “surroundings” and “otherness” can be abysmal and very often waiting
to be restored. (“I am on my own side, but I can listen “ )”

“The moment the mirror does not recognize us anymore, the cards are no longer in our
hands. In effect, we have failed to see to the bottom line of our life story and lost
our identity. (“The empty Mirror”)”

 Erik Pevernagie
Erik Pevernagie (born 1939) is a Belgian painter and writer, living in Uccle (Brussels).
Woshibai 我是白

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