Book//mark – Édouard Levé | Autoportrait, 2005

Édouard Levé | Autoportrait, 2005
Édouard Levé, 1965-2007                                                            Édouard Levé, Autoportrait, 2005

“I accumulate beginnings.”

“If I travel with someone, I see half as much
of the country as if I traveled by myself.”

“I do not know what to do with my hands when they have nothing to do. ”

“I remember what people tell me better than what I said.”

“I am more attentive to the script of a play
when I read it than when I see it performed.”

“I have less desire to change things than to change my perception of them.”

“I prefer a ruin to a monument.”

“Everything I Write is True, But So What?”

“My voice carries less in the snow.”

“I have never attended a nudist funeral.”

“I wonder where the dreams go that I don’t remember.

“Everything interests me a priori, but not a posteriori.”

“I had an idea for an Amish punk band.”

“I am not an expert in anything.”

“I am not looking to seduce a wearer of Birkenstocks.
I do not like the big toe.”

“At a public urinal the presence of a neighbor delays my micturition.”

“I am slow to notice when someone mistreats me,
it’s always so surprising: evil is somehow unreal.”

“Purées frustrate me because they have no crunch.”

“To describe my life precisely would take longer than to live it.”

“I am calm during reunions. ”

“At the beach girls arouse me less than in the library.”

“I sometimes wonder whether what I do is art or art therapy.”

“I want this epitaph engraved
on my tombstone: “See you soon”


Édouard Levé, Autoportrait, 2005


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