Le Tumulte Noir (The Black Craze) | Paul Colin’s Jazz Age Portfolio, 1925-27

Le Tumulte Noir (The Black Craze) | Paul Colin's Jazz Age Portfolio, 1925-27
Paul Colin, 1927
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The jazz age had taken hold in Paris and with it, le tumulte noir, an intense fascination
with black culture. African sculpture had inspired such artists as Henri Matisse and Pablo
Picasso; African American ragtime and jazz stimulated avant-garde composers; dancers were
captivated by the Cakewalk, the Black Bottom, and the Charleston. Many people perceived
in non-Western art forms a “pure” and intuitive creative impulse, in contrast to the overrefined
artifice of white European culture. African American expatriates fleeing segregation at home
were welcomed.
In 1927 Paul Colin published his portfolio Le Tumulte Noir, featuring forty-five lithographs
with pochoir, or stenciled, color, in an edition of 500.

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