Jazz Album Covers | Designed by Neil Fujita, 1955-1959

Jazz Album Covers | Designed by Neil Fujita, 1955-1959
Charles Mingus: Ah Um, 1959                                                                  Dave Brubeck: Time Out, 1959
 Design and illustration: Neil Fujita
Chicago Style Jazz, 1955
Illustration: Ben Shahn Design: Neil Fujita
The Jazz Odyssey of James Rushing Esq., 1956           Little Jimmy Rushing and the Big Brass, 1958
Illustration: Tom Allen Design: Neil Fujita
Art Blakey With the Original Jazz Messengers (1956)      Round About Midnight by Miles Davis (1957)
 Illustration: Don Hunstein / Design: Neil Fujita          Illustration: Marvin Koner Design: Neil Fujita
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Modern Jazz Perspective / Don Byrd – Gigi Gryce, 1957
Artwork: Neil Fujita
Sadamitsu “S. Neil” Fujita (“Foo-JEE-ta”) (1921 – 2010) was an American graphic designer
known for his innovative book cover and record album designs.
Columbia hired him in 1954 to build a design department to build on the work of Alex Steinweiss  who established the concept cover art. Fujita was the first to introduce painters, photographers and illustrators to create cover art for albums. Columbia felt a particular need to keep up with the cover art of Blue Note Records. Fujita created numerous iconic covers of the period, including that of Time Out, ‘Round About Midnight, and Mingus Ah Um.

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