Photographers [Oo] On the beach / Fire Island, Provincetown and Nantucket | Photographs by PaJaMa, 1937-1950

On the beach / Fire Island, Provincetown and Nantucket | Photographs by PaJaMa, 1937-1950

PaJaMa, Monroe Wheeler, Provincetown, 1947


PaJaMa, Fidelma Cadmus, Fire Island, 1937

 PaJaMa, Fidelma Cadmus, Fire Island, 1941
Fidelma Cadmus, Margaret French and Paul Cadmus, Fire Island, 1939
PaJaMa, Margaret French, George Tooker and Jared French, Nantucket,  1946
PaJaMa, Jensen Yow, Jack Fontan, Bill Harris, Fire Island, 1950
PaJaMa, Margaret French and Paul Cadmus, Nantucket, 1946
PaJaMa, George Tooker and Jared French, Provincetown, 1940
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PaJaMa, Monroe Wheeler, Provincetown, 1947          PaJaMa, José Martinez, Fire Island, 1948

PaJaMa, George Platt Lynes and Jonathan Tichenor, Fire Island, 1941
PaJaMa, an acronym for Paul-Jared-Margaret, was a collaboration between the artists Paul
 Cadmus, Jared French and Margaret French. Influenced by Carl Jung’s idea of the 
collective unconscious, these three artists known for their magical realism in other media 
collaborated in making photographs at the beaches of Fire Island, Provincetown and 
Nantucket as well as New York and New Jersey during the late 1930s through 
the early 1950s.

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