Alphabetarion # Soul | Han Kang, 2014

Soul | Han Kang, 2014
Toshiko Hishida, A Glass, 1997
 “Glass is transparent, right? And fragile. That’s the fundamental nature of glass. And that’s
why objects that are made of glass have to be handled with care. After all, if they end up
smashed or cracked or chipped, then they’re good for nothing, right, you just have to chuck
them away.
Before, we used to have a kind of glass that couldn’t be broken. A truth so hard and clear it
might as well have been made of glass. So when you think about it, it was only when we were
 shattered that we proved we had souls. That what we really were was humans made of glass.”
 Han Kang, Human Acts, 2014

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