Letter to Tatyana Yakovleva | Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1928


 Tatyana Yakovleva, 1906-1991

In the kiss of hands
in body tremors
close to me
my republics
I dont like
Parisian love:
any female
decorate with silk
stretching, dozing,
saying –
tubo –
ferocious passion.
You are the only one for me
straight growth,
get close
with an eyebrow,
about this
important evening
more human.
Five hours,
and from now on
of people
dense forest,
populated city,
I hear only
whistle dispute
trains to Barcelona.
In the black sky
lightning step,
in heavenly drama –
not a thunderstorm
and this
jealousy moves mountains.
stupid words
don’t trust raw materials
don’t get confused
this shaking,
I bridle
I will humble
offspring of the nobility.
passion measles
come down with a scab,
but joy
I’ll be long
I’ll just
I speak in verse.
well them! –
swollen eyelids,
fit Viu.
I’m not myself
and I
for Soviet Russia.
on the shoulders of the patch,
licks with a sigh.
we are not to blame
hundred million
was bad.
so tender –
straighten not many, –
you and us
needed in Moscow
Not for you,
in the snow
and in typhoid
with these legs
for caresses
give them away
in dinners
with the oilmen.
Don’t you think
just squinting
from under straightened arcs.
Go here,
go to the crossroads
my big
and clumsy hands.
Do not want?
Stay and winter
and this
we will lower it to the general account.
I don’t care
someday I’ll take
or together with Paris.

Vladimir Mayakovsky, c 1928

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 Tatyana Yakovleva, 1906-1991                     Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1893-1930
Mayakovsky met with Tatyana Yakovleva in 1928 at the house of Lily Brik’s sister Elsa Triolet.
 The poet fell in love at first sight. He spent a little more than a month in Paris, devoting all his
free time to long walks around the city together with Tatiana. Tall and handsome, they were a
 handsome couple. ” You alone are my height”, – he wrote in a poem addressed to her. But
Mayakovsky had to return to the USSR, he long persuaded her to go with him, but she refused.
Before leaving, Mayakovsky left a large sum in one of the Parisian greenhouses with a request
 to send bouquets every Sunday to Yakovleva’s address with his business card. The firm was
 respectable and carried out an assignment on a weekly basis: even after the death of the poet,
Tatyana continued to receive flowers from him.
Although Yakovleva refused to leave after Mayakovsky, she claimed that she was in love with
him. In a letter to her mother, she confessed: “He is so colossal both physically and mentally
 that after him there is literally a desert. This is the first person who managed to leave a mark
on my soul.”. The lovers wrote letters to each other, in which they did not tire of confessing
their love to each other. The poet wrote: “ You can’t retell and rewrite all the sadness that
makes me more silent”. Unfortunately, Tatyana Yakovleva’s letters have not survived – Lilya
Brik, who gained access to the poet’s archive after his death, obviously destroyed all evidence
of his love for another woman – she herself should have remained the only muse. Shortly
before her death, Tatyana Yakovleva said: “ I am grateful to her for that. Otherwise, I would
have returned to the USSR for Mayakovsky, I loved him so much. And would inevitably
perish in the meat grinder of 1937».
In October 1929, Lilya Brik, not without gloating, told the poet the news that his new muse
was about to marry Viscount Bertrand du Plessis, although there was no talk of a wedding at
that time. Later, Tatyana nevertheless became his wife, and this marriage became, in her words,
 “an escape from Volodya.” She understood that she would no longer see him – Mayakovsky was
no longer allowed to go abroad (according to rumors, Lilya Brik took care of this). The poet’s
friend Natalya Bryukhanenko recalled: “ In January 1929, Mayakovsky said that he was in love
and would shoot himself if he could not see this woman soon.”. And in April 1930 he pulled the
 trigger. What circumstances prompted him to take this step, and whether it was suicide –
biographers argue to this day.

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