Photographers [Oo] Édouard Boubat | Portugal, 1950-58

Edouard Boubat Family at the Beach Portugal 1950 1
Edouard Boubat, Family at the Beach, Portugal, 1950
Edouard Boubat Portugal 1956 1
Edouard Boubat, Portugal, 1956
Edouard Boubat The man and the child Nazare Portugal 1956
Edouard Boubat, The man and the child, Nazare, Portugal , 1956

“Take the photo of the man on the seashore. It was my first trip to Portugal, I believe it was in 1956. In those days traveling seemed extraordinary, there were very few tourists, we had been on the road for two or three days, we arrived at a hotel by the seaside, Sophie was a little tired, and I said, “I am going to the beach,” I had only my little old Leica, and that man was there, click. I had only arrived half an hour before, but there he was, with his child, as if he had been waiting for me, and so I took my first photo of Portugal, a photo that will endure. I had come a long way, I had dreamt of Portugal, so in a sense I too was waiting for him, there was expectation on both sides. In some way, a photo is like a stolen kiss. In fact a kiss is always stolen, even if the woman is consenting. With a photograph it’s the same: always stolen, and still slightly consenting.”

Edouard Boubat, 1923-1999

Edouard Boubat Portugal 1956
Edouard Boubat, Portugal, 1956
Edouard Boubat Portugal 1956 4
Edouard Boubat, Portugal, 1956
Edouard Boubat Women And Children On A Square In Portugal 1957
Édouard Boubat, Provincia de Minho, Portugal, 1958
Edouard Boubat Portugal 1958
Édouard Boubat, Portugal, 1958
Edouard Boubat Nazare Portugal 1956
Edouard Boubat, Nazaré, Portugal, 1956


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