Postcard collages | Ellsworth Kelly, 1957-1998

Ellsworth Kelly Columbus Circle 1957

Ellsworth Kelly, Columbus Circle, 1957

Postcard collages Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly, Study for Dark Gray and White Rectangle I, 1977

Ellsworth Kelly Having The Time Of My Life 1998

Ellsworth Kelly, Having The Time Of My Life, 1998

Ellsworth Kelly Brooklyn Bridge II 1985

Ellsworth Kelly, Brooklyn Bridge II, 1985

Ellsworth Kelly Nuit de Carnaval Haiti 1980

Ellsworth Kelly, Nuit de Carnaval, Haiti, 1980

Ellsworth Kelly Oyster Pond Blue Form 1977

Ellsworth Kelly, Oyster Pond (Blue Form), 1977

Ellsworth Kelly Basel III 1992

Ellsworth Kelly, Basel III, 1992

Ellsworth Kelly Moon Over Manhattan 1964

Ellsworth Kelly, Moon Over Manhattan, 1964

Ellsworth Kelly San Gabriel Mountains 1984

Ellsworth Kelly, San Gabriel Mountains, 1984

Ellsworth Kelly Images des Antilles 25 1984

Ellsworth Kelly, Images des Antilles 2/5, 1984

Ellsworth Kelly Horizontal Nude or St. Martin Landscape 1974

Ellsworth Kelly, Horizontal Nude or St. Martin Landscape, 1974

Ellsworth Kelly The LA Ile St. Louis Connection 1986

Ellsworth Kelly, The LA / Ile St. Louis Connection, 1986

Ellsworth Kelly Foundation, Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery

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